The Pastor as Scholar & The Scholar as Pastor, by Piper and Carson

This book is a rare glimpse into the person life and ministry of John Piper and D.A. Carson. Piper charts his journey from the halls of academia to the pulpit, where he has become well-known. Carson charts his journey from the pulpit to the ivory tower. Along the way they offer lessons and insight into the importance of integrating ministry and scholarship.

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“I was disillusioned with such scholarship. It seemed driven by the need for peer approval. It used technical jargon that only insiders could understand and that often concealed ambiguity. It put enormous weight on speculative methodologies (formesgeshichte, traditionsgeschichte, and redaktionsgeschichte, and sachkritik) that gave rise to scholarly articles which began in the mode of wahrscheinlichkeit (probability) and by the end had been transformed into the mode of sicherheit (certainty) by waving the wand of scholarly consensus.”

John Piper in The Pastor as Scholar & The Scholar as Pastor, Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2011, 42

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