The Illuminati, by Larry Burkett

Larry Burkett’s novel is completely a work of fiction, and it has been updated so as to hide its age. Burkett is known primarily for his financial guidance, and this is not a wholesale endorsement of his creative writing. However, there was a good (and short) description in this book that I wanted to share, which offers insight into the culture of many Christian churches.

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She had always gone to church and Sunday school, even as a little girl. When she was thirteen, she had even dedicated her life to Christ. But mostly, she knew she had reacted to the other kids who were dedicating their lives. She hadn’t really surrendered to Christ. She had surrendered to peer pressure. In some circles, peer pressure meant drugs or sex. In hers, it meant becoming a Christian. It was what her parents had wanted most of all.

Larry Burkett, The Illuminati (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2004).

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