The Drama of Scripture, by Craig Bartholomew

Craig Bortholomew and Michael Goheen have collaborated to write a helpful overview of Scripture that is appropriate for introductory college classes. They explainthat Scripture is comprehensive in its scope of history, covering creation through to consummation, and walk through the six acts of the drama – creation, sin, Israel, Jesus, mission and new creation. Find your find your place in the story!

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[F]aith in Jesus should be the means through which a Christian seeks to understand all of life and the whole of history. This is not just because the scriptural story is comprehensive, or because it happens to be the story that we have inherited, or because it is the story that works for us. We must take the Christian story seriously in this way because it is true and tells us truthfully the story of the whole of history, beginning with the creation and ending with the new creation.

Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen, The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2004), 21.

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